Here's to maintaining some self-respect and sanity while tending to the growth and maturation of young minds, including your own young mind. Here's to recognizing that it isn't necessary to know how everything is going to turn out in advance, and that often Life has much better in store than one can imagine. Here's to hope and happiness even when Life gets complicated, especially then... That's when it's needed it most.

...afterall, the car may only seat seven but room for friends is unlimited...

Friday, May 13, 2016

How I celebrated Friday the 13th

1) Picked up the certified copy of my divorce decree at the court. (The guy was so nice, he gave it to me free. And he said that if I need any more copies just ask for him. That's exceptional!)

2) Headed to DMV.
     a) Went to the tax division and picked up the new plates and tags for Connor's car. (I haven't mentioned how awesome my family has been in helping me to get this done. Turner has come several times to get the car, as has my father, to diagnose and do repairs. Yesterday, Turner came during his lunch hour to pick up the car up and do the inspection and emissions so they'd ready for me to take to the DMV on my day off today. UN-REAL! I love them so much!)
    b) Went next door to the driver's license division and presented my my divorce decree and got a new driver's license.

Total time at the DMV: 20 minutes. No kidding.

3) Stopped in at my bank and changed my name on my account.

4) Went to the Social Security office and ordered a new social security card.

5) Spoke with two mortgage lenders about refinancing my home. (That went well, better than I imagined. I hope to make a decision and get that underway on Monday.)

Now, all that's left is to get my Nursing License updated, and get a Passport.

Oh, yes. And mow the lawn. I'm going to do that right now, and I'm pretty happy about it. I'm pretty happy about life in general. Life is good.  All things considered, I can't imagine I'd rather be anyone else on the planet, and that's the truth.

Abby A. Turner

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